Headless Server Development

Learn all about the CoreMedia Headless Server approach in CoreMedia Content Cloud.
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What's included?

You will get...

  • Lectures and video material for self studies
  • Practical exercises
  • Access to a CMCC-11 development sandbox
  • Slide deck & Workbook as PDF
  • Certificate

Learn on your own pace

In this course you will learn about the main concepts of the Headless Server.
You will learn how to write GraphQL queries for receiving site content.
You will learn the most important extension points of the Headless Server.
This training will NOT contain any client-side code, such as React, Angular, Vue.js, …

You will learn...

  • Writing GraphQL queries
  • CoreMedia Content type GraphQL SDL
  • Extending the Headless server
  • Transforming CoreMedia richtext

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