Getting started

Setup your project development environment using Git. Build the CMCC-11 components, deploy them with Docker and start developing and debugging. 
€/$ 300 (free for flatrate users)
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What's included?

You will get...

  • A guideline for setting up your project
  • Links to the most important recourses
  • Tasks from real projects
  • 2 Assignments
  • Certificate

About this capstone project...

This "Capstone-101 Getting Started" serves as the inaugural milestone in your journey towards proficient software engineering. Its essence lies in the practical application of the skills you've learned throughout your courses thus far, with a focus on the vital area of setting up your development environment.

Project objectives...

  • Execute your project development environment
  • Clone, prepare, and build your project workspace
  • Deploy the CMCC-11 services locally
  • Start local development
  • Debug your sources

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