Content Creation
with CoreMedia

This CoreMedia onboarding course is the basic training for Celine content creators.
You will learn all about the concepts, features and workflows of the user interface "CoreMedia Studio". The course content is produced individually for you on a Celine CMCC-11 environment.
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What's included?

You will get...

  • Introduction to CoreMedia Studio usage in general
  • Introduction on how to perform content drops  
  • More than 2,5 hours of individual celine.com video content
  • Interactive quizzes to check your knowledge
  • Support from a CoreMedia trainer
  • Certificate of attendance
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General Description

Learn all about the user interface based on a Celine system running on CMCC-11. A trainer will show how to deal with the most common tasks and explain the feature set of CoreMedia Studio.
The videos do not only show how to create content but also how to orchestrate and publish it. If you will have any questions in between, there is always the possibility to ask for help. 

You will learn...

  • the site structure of celine.com
  • how to contribute webshop content
  • working with workflows
  • the multi site concept

Course Lessons