Content Creation Trail
The guided editorial experience (CMCC-11)

Gain your first experience with CoreMedia Studio, the powerful editorial system. Learn the basics of how to enrich your e-commerce assets with CoreMedia content and how to create storytelling landing pages quickly and easily in a multi language setup. 
This trail is not just a string of video content, but a holistic approach to onboarding newbies who will be working with CoreMedia Content Cloud. The trail includes practical exercises on one of our sample systems and is more in-depth than the Warm- Up.
€/$ 700  (free for flatrate users)
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What's included?

You will get...

  • Access to an example system
  • 18 exercises
  • 3 hours of video material
  • Quizzes
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Course certificate
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General Description

CoreMedia enables e-commerce content creators to enrich catalog and product pages with content from the CoreMedia repository. This can be, for example, banners, images or PDFs. The course also teaches how to create pure CMS pages, e.g. to create a nice-looking landing page. 
Furthermore, you will learn how CoreMedia handles multilingual websites and of course we have to publish our content to make it visible.

You will learn...

  • ... how to augment existing Catalog- and Product Pages.
  • ... how to create content items like a "Shoppable Video" or an image map.
  • ... how to create a completely new page.
  • ... how to translate new content items.
  • ... how to publish your work to make it visible for the end user.

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