Studio Customization
The complete developer's trail (CMCC-11)

Learn Studio Customization in CoreMedia Content Cloud 11.
Start from Zero to Hero. Build your own Studio forms, enhance existing components, and implement performant and reactive business logic in TypeScript.
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What's included?

You will get...

  • All exercises from the Studio training
  • More than 10 hours of video material
  • Hands-on sessions and quizzes
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Course certificate
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General Description

CoreMedia Studio is a web-based environment for business users. This complete video course gives you detailed information on how to customize this environment to meet your organization’s reality.
This course will start with the basics and will navigate you through real-life challenges, like writing forms for new content types or adding new fields to existing components.
Finally, you are going to dive deeper into the world of data binding and computation, when you are learning how to implement an own component that displays data based on functions.

You will learn...

  • Learn about the architecture of the CoreMedia Studio application and get yourself familiar with the Studio-Client workspace.
  • Learn the basics of Ext-JS components and understand how these components can be implemented using TypeScript.
  • Learn how to localize content types and develop your own Studio content forms.
  • Learn how to implement your own components and how to use Value Expressions to implement fast and reactive business logic.

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