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General conditions

  • 30 days access
  • No costs
  • No obligations
  • No installation

  • A technical look under hood
  • Guided walk-through the most important fields of CoreMedia 
  • Get your hands dirty with real world exercises 
  • Access to the community
  • Possibility to talk to CoreMedia "Techies" directly


  • Introduction to how a website is structured in terms of content
  • Insights into the headful approach by delivering the website with CoreMedia`s built-in rendering Engine
  • Learn of how to gather data in a headless scenario


  • Create and modify content in your own CoreMedia Example Website with the User Interface "Studio"
  • Change the demo website by adapting some demo Freemarker frontend templates
  • Perform GraphQL queries to receive data from the CoreMedia content repository for any frontend app with any frontend technology.

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