Enablement with
GitHub Codespaces

We always ask ourselves "How can we make developing easier for our customers?"
One answer can be this:
Let's get rid of the installation and configuration processes by moving the development environment into the cloud. 
With GitHub Codespaces
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What's included?

You will get...

  • A short introduction to GitHub Codespaces
  • Examples, based on our existing Enablement courses
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General Description

GitHub Codespaces is an elegant way to setup a cloud based development environment without the need of local software installation.
They come with an pre-install VS Code, Node, Java and Maven installation, and also support version managers such as "sdk" and "nvm".
This course serves as a Proof of Concept for a modern, cloud based technical enablement

You will learn...

  • Learn about GitHub Codespaces.
  • See how they can be utilized for our existing enablement trails.

Course Lessons