Onboarding Path for Technicians

This course is aimed at you as a technician of a CoreMedia partner. You will receive access to 10 e-books with valuable and comprehensive information for your onboarding path.
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What's included?

You will get...

  • 10 e-books filled with valuable information you need for onboarding as a technician

General Description

Your onboarding path begins when our partnership is established, marking the start of a structured journey to integrate you into our collaborative ecosystem. This process consists of stages designed to cover all aspects of our partnership and ensure you understand your role. Tailored for technical roles, it includes sections essential for success within our partnership framework. From learning our systems and processes to developing technical skills and understanding responsibilities, each stage aims to equip you with the knowledge and resources needed to excel in your role and contribute to our collective success.

You will learn...

  • about the onboarding process
  • how to integrate into a collaborative ecosystem
  • about partnership aspects and role understanding
  • This course is tailored for technical positions within our framework and  equips you with knowledge and resources for success

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Course Lessons