PreSales Space:
Onboarding and Knowledge Share

Aloha, friend! Welcome to the PreSales Team space in the CoreMedia Learning Management System. Doesn't matter if you are new in PreSales or a seasoned colleague, or are just curious about how we do things, you are at the right place.
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What is the PreSales team at CoreMedia?

PreSales in general, refers to all activities before a sale is closed. In CoreMedia, the PreSales team is the technical part of the sales team. Our team members specialize in presenting or demonstrating our products and features as well as technical concepts behind it to prospects, customers, analysts and partners in an easy-to-understand way. This requires next to a deep understanding of our solution, a lot of detailed expertise in various technical concepts, our industry in general, the world of our customers and plenty of soft skills to present, moderate, facilitate and in general succeed in sales. We have the mindset of solving problems and being the trusted advisor for our prospects and customers.

The PreSales team consists of Solution Architects (EMEA) and Sales Engineers (US). Both titles refer to the same role but are more common in the region that the colleague works in.

Consider this course an add-on to the Foundational Courses as a CoreMedia Employee and The Sales Onboarding.

What's included in this course?

  • A general overview of the work in PreSales and the team
  • Where to find relevant resources
  • How to use our tools
  • How to successfully run presentations, demos, RFPs, PoCs and workshops
  • How to collaborate with Sales, Customer Success and Professional Services
  • How to size a solution