Studio Exercises
for CoreMedians

This course contains all the exercises - and a few add-ons - of the CMCC-11 Studio Customization course, but as a self-study video trail.

And yes, it is for free!
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What's included?

You will get...

  • All exercises from the Studio training
  • 5 hours of video material
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Course certificate
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General Description

CoreMedia Studio is a web-based environment for business users. The CoreMedia Studio Customization Training gives you detailed information on how to configure this environment to meet your organization’s reality. Learn how to integrate it seamlessly and provide your users with the easiest access to their day-to-day content.

You will learn...

  • Creating resource bundles in TypeScript
  • Creating document forms and understanding the boilerplate code
  • Understanding how to write Config types and why you should not use Partial and Pick.
  • Learn how to tame the Bracket Monster.

Course Lessons