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This is just some information for course creators. It should not appear on the actual course. 

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Here a few things about course creation:

This template is for internal courses. Internal courses should only available to users which are tagged with "cr--internal". This can be achieved by changing the visibility of all sections on this course detail page to "tagged users". this is done as follows:

  • Go to "Actions" tab, find the Visibility section, und set "Element is visible to:" -> "Tagged users".
  • In the list of tags, add the user tag you need. It should be one of the following "customer relationship" user tags: "cr--internal" for internal staff, or "cr--partner" for partners
  • If you need more fine grained control, contact your LearnWorlds admin. 

Securing the course
To make sure, that no external user can enroll to this course, even if they know the course player URL, we use the following trick:

  • The course must be a "paid" course with a small price (e.g., € 1)
  • The course needs to be tagged with the category "CoreMedia-Internal"
  • In the course header we will have two enroll-buttons;
  • The 1st button "Enroll €1" is an automatic system button, that cannot be removed. This button is visible only for "Enrolled users" and will then show the text "Continue".
  • The 2nd button "Enroll for free" calls a lambda function. The button is placed in a "buttons"-group, that is only visible for "Unenrolled" users.
  • The button itself is only visible for users tagged with "cr--internal".
  • The AWS lambda function, called by the "Enroll for free"-Button checks the user tag: Only if the course has the category "CoreMedia-Internal" and the user is tagged with "cr--internal", the user will be enrolled!

TODO: Training name

TODO: Change the text of the course
Write your awesome label here.

What's included?

You will get... (TODO)

  • 3 Life Online Sessions
    (3x 3h 30m)
  • 12 Practical exercises
  • Access to a CMCC-11 development sandbox
  • Slide deck & Workbook as PDF
  • Certificate

TODO: Catchy phrase

TODO: here should be some interesting text that tells a bit about this course.

You will learn...

  • TODO: How to do this
  • TODO: How to do that
  • TODO: And finally, how to do something else
  • (Editing this list should be done in the "Text content" Richtext-Editor on the right)

Course Lessons