Editor Boot Camp

The Editor Boot Camp is the
basic training for CoreMedia Content Editors.
You will learn all about the features and 
workflows of our User Interface "CoreMedia Studio" on a generic- or on your own CoreMedia system.
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What's included?

You will get...

  • Three live online training sessions (3,5 h each)
  • Access to a CoreMedia Sample System to do the exercises
  • Workbook with exercises material
  • Support from a CoreMedia Trainer
  • Community chats to ask questions or go into discussion together with your colleagues

General Description

Learn all about the user interface based on a running CoreMedia system. Coaches will show how to deal with the most common tasks and explain the feature set of CoreMedia Studio.
Afterwards, the attendees do self-paced exercises accompanied by a workbook. There is always the possibility to ask for help or going into discussion with the whole group.

This course can be done:
A) On a generic CoreMedia System with example content.
B) On your own CoreMedia system with individual content.

Case A) can be offered at short notice.
Case B) needs to be planned a little longer in advance as a customized training including preparation time.

Reach out by email to get your offer!


You will learn...

  • Background Information
  • The CoreMedia vocabulary
  • How to work with CoreMedia Studio
  • How to orchestrate content
  • Most important CoreMedia concepts